Bodhi Horse Practice specializes in applied ethology. We draw from the immense body of research on feral equines and apply practices that create loving, resonant relationships between horses, people and their environment.

We do this through connected pathways: muddy boots on the ground with client partners; collaborating on equine research projects worldwide; and by providing continuing education for professionals and carers1 in the form of in-person and online content. 

If you are a prospective client, these are our main services.


First and foremost, we support horse carers who have reached out to us for help by offering a friendly, listening ear.


We work with all equines from family ponies to sporthorses to former racehorses.


We ask a lot of questions and consider a carer's and horse's life experiences.


Behavioral wellness support plans are created through observations, interviews, document review, and research based assessments. These capture a holistic eco-bio-emotional-social picture of your horse and guide support.


Consultations are offered worldwide via in-person, phone or video sessions.


Horse care is available on a limited basis to existing clients. Services at your location may include:

Wellness checks

Make up of feed and/or drop hay

Water checks

Stall cleaning

Administration of medication


Daily updates and/or photos at each visit

Coordination of care with veterinarian, trainer, farrier, and so on


Dr. Désirée Braganza received her equine behaviorist qualifications from the Natural Animal Centre, then located in the UK and South Africa. She collaborates with equine professionals worldwide on research projects specific to experiences of domesticated horses from an ethological lens. She is a horse mom, a rider and has cared for and supported numerous horses over the years. Désirée has recently relocated from Northern California and is now based in Athens, Georgia, USA.

Ongoing Research Projects

Braganza, D., & Sams, J. (2023, July 26-30). Attention Based Practices: Equine Wellbeing from an Ecological Perspective [Conference presentation]. Control the Meerkat Trauma in Animals Virtual Conference 2023, London, United Kingdom.

Braganza, D., Sams, J., & Shclote, S. (2022, July 27-31). Accounts of Adverse Equine Experiences [Conference presentation]. Control the Meerkat Trauma in Animals Virtual Conference 2022, London, United Kingdom.

Susan Greer is a life long horsewoman who competes in dressage and eventing disciplines. While accompanying her spouse on a diplomatic assignment in Belgium, she became the carer of her first Akhal-Teke, Xocomil, and has been devoted to the rare breed ever since. Susan is a teacher, a writer, a prolific reader, and the curator of the Fandabadasiy* newsletter. She is our in-house equine ethicist who addresses and offers support for wide ranging horse-related dilemmas. Susan is based in the Sarasota, Florida area in the USA and serves the surrounding communities including Ocala.

Matthew Bruno has complementary, well honed skill sets. As a student at UC Santa Cruz, he studied art and later made permaculture his focus. Add his exceptional carpentry and building skills, and he is a go-to resource for guidance when planning or rethinking your horse property. He recently participated in research where he shared his ecologically based practices as he raises his two young mares. Click here to listen to a short interview. Matt teaches people how to get to know their ecosystem to ensure horses are living in balance as healthy and happy members of a cooperative environmental community. Matt is based on the Mendocino Coast, USA.

Dr. Mike Parker is an equine veterinarian and owner of Crazy Horse Veterinary Services. The name of his private practice is a nod to his Native American roots and is meant to describe his heritage and profession. He is a Makah tribal member from Neah Bay, Washington, USA. He earned his DVM from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, focusing on large animal and equine surgery. Additionally, he has a Master’s in Animal Sciences and Equine Nutrition from Cornell University. Mike’s career has a solid allopathic foundation, yet he continued to explore new treatment modalities which now include acupuncture and chiropractic care. Mike provides consultation for us and virtual support for our carers who live in remote locations. He is based in Oregon, USA

The Fandabadaisy

Bodhi Horse Practice's Fandabadaisy Newsletter is a monthly curated email sharing interdisciplinary ideas worldwide. From scientific research papers, to the arts, philosophy, ecology; and ranging from the existential to the fashionable, we hope there will be something for most. Join for free. All we ask is you check out our partner sanctuary, The Liberty Barn in Palm City, Florida, USA, and we encourage you to support or donate to their work as feels right to you.

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Bodhi Horse Practice is based in Athens, Georgia, USA

Referrals and Affiliations

Some practitioners consult internationally.


Holistic Veterinarian, Small Animals & Equines

Stephanie Chalmers, DVM, DACVD, CVH

Dog and Cat Homeopathic Veterinarian

Ila Tewari, DVM, CVH

Equine Bodywork

Equine Bodywork and Homeopathy

Remuda Bodyworks

Equine Massage and Sports Therapy

Kate Thornton, EMA (Dist) EIST 


Equine Curricula for School-Aged Children



David Gilpin, Master Saddler, Certified Saddler of the Master Saddlers Guild of Great Britain

Dog Training and Dog Behavior

US based - Kim Brophey, LFDM, CDBC & Angie Cook, LFDM, CDBC - The Dog Door

UK based - Danielle Beck, Clinical Animal Behaviorist & Samantha Bailey, Dog Behavior Counselor - Control the Meerkat

For Human Animals

To learn more about Resonant Attention, Stella Osorojos Eisenstein 

1 Ownership language can be problematic, reducing horses to material commodities to be bought and sold. The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics located in the UK suggests “Carer” or “Caregiver”.