Bodhi Horse Practice specializes in applied ethology. We draw from the immense body of research on equines in the wild and apply practices that create loving, resonant relationships between horses, people and their environment.

We have two pathways to services.


Behavioral wellness consultations are offered worldwide via phone or video sessions.

To book an initial appointment:

Step 1: Message us

Step 2: Select from available 60 minute appointments 

Step 3: Submit client and equine information prior to your appointment

Fee: 150 USD/hour. Travel fees when applicable for in-person appointments.

We accept payments via Cash, Check, PayPal or Venmo


Horse care is available on a limited basis to existing clients in the Mendocino, California area. Services at your location may include:

Wellness checks

Make up of feed and/or drop hay

Water checks

Stall cleaning

Administration of medication


Daily updates and/or photos at each visit

Coordination of care with veterinarian, trainer, farrier, and so on

General base fee: $60/visit per 1-2 horses


Dr. Désirée Braganza received her equine behaviorist qualifications from the Natural Animal Centre, then located in the UK and South Africa. She collaborates with equine professionals worldwide on research projects specific to experiences of domesticated horses from an ethological lens. She is a horse mom, a rider and has cared for and supported numerous horses over the years.

Ongoing Research Projects

Braganza, D., Sams, J., & Schlote, S. (2022, July 27-31). Accounts of Adverse Equine Experiences [Conference presentation]. Control the Meerkat Trauma in Animals Virtual Conference 2022, London, United Kingdom.



Braganza, D., & Sams, J. (2023, July 26-30). Attention Based Practices: Equine Wellbeing from an Ecological Perspective [Conference presentation]. Control the Meerkat Trauma in Animals Virtual Conference 2023, London, United Kingdom.


Call/Text/WhatsApp: +1 510-704-3631 

Bodhi Horse Practice is based on the Mendocino Coast in California, USA


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